Saga LNG Shipping Pte Ltd. LNG LNT 45

45 000 m3 Medium Size LNG Carrier

The Contract Design has been performed by LNG New Technology and the project has been evaluated by FKAB Marine Design. FKAB is also performing an extended Basic Design package including lines. The design is based on the LNT A-Box containment system, which is patented. The tank configuration gives an excellent volume utilization and allows providing an efficient hull.

The propulsion system features one dual fuel main engine, mechanical connected to a single shaft propeller. The auxiliaries are be able to burn natural gas.


Main figures

Cargo cubic capacity, 100% 45 000 m3
Deadweight at design draught 24 500 tonnes
Deadweight at scantling draught 29 500 tonnes

The six cargo pumps are able to discharge the load within 15 hours.
Service speed at design draught with an output of 8 250 kW is 16.9 knots.
Range 13 000 nm


Main particulars

Length over all 193,4 m
Length between PP 184,8 m
Breadth mld 30,0 m
Depth mld 20,0 m
Draught design (LNG) 9,0 m
Draught scantling 10,3 m
Deadweight at design draught 24 500 tonnes
Deadweight at scantling draught 29 500 tonnes
No of cargo Tanks 3
Cargo capacity 45 000 m3
MARVS 0,4 bar
Cargo density 0,6 ton/m3

Boil-off rate approx 0,15% per day
Min. temp -163 0C
DO tanks 3 000 m3
Domestic FW tanks 300 m3
Ballast Water 11 000 m3
Main engine Four stroke Dual Fuel 11 700 kW at CSR
Aux engines Four stroke Dual Fuel 2 x 1 500
Shaft generator in PTO and PTI mode 1 200 kW
Thermal oil Exhaust gas boiler
MDO fired thermal oil boiler
Bow thruster 1 200 kW
Accommodation 25 pers



ABS * A1, E , Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier with Independant tanks, SH, SHCM, SH-DLA, SF(25) *AMS, *ACCU, NIBS, DFD, GCU, ENVIRO+, BWT, TCM, UWILD, CRS, RRDA, GP, POT.



LNG New Technologies has developed a novel containtment system for LNG referred to as the LNT A-BOX. It has been developed according to the IMO IGC Code and has been granted and Approved in Principal by DNV GL, ABS and BV. The system consists of an IMO independent tank type A placed in an insulated hold space. The LNT A-BOX combines proven technologies in a new safe and cost effective configuration. LNT A-BOX offers a number of advantages compared to other containment systems for LNG, such as:

  • Self supporting and solid primary barrier and a full secondary barrier.
  • Two independent barriers – high degree of safety.
  • Full access to both barriers for inspection and maintenance.
  • Cost effective design and construction
  • Easy fabrication – enabling new yards to enter the LNG sector
  • Prismatic design – excellent volume utilization and flat deck layout.
  • Sloshing mitigated – no loading limitations.


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