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SATURNUS Delivered

SATURNUS Delivered FKAB delivered the next generation of tankers for Sirius Rederi AB, the 7999 DWT oil/chemical tanker M/T Saturnus, ‘When performance matters’  FKAB T31 tanker design ‘EVOLUTION’ is the first one in a series of two vessels and is designed for highest energy efficiency. It was built by the shipyard AVIC…Read more


Award winning hybridization study

The hybridization study won the Tanker Shipping & Trade Innovation of the Year Award. This study was made as a…Read more


FKAB continues to deliver to ship owners

FKAB continues to deliver to ship owners M/T Ek-Stream, a 18,600DWT oil product & chemical tanker has been deliverd to…Read more

Thun Venern 1200x900


Yet another vessel, the third out of six, in the Gothia Tanker Alliance series has been delivered. This time it was Thun…Read more